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Keep Your School Lab Secure with System Restore Software

Student accessible computers are generally run in a protected state by using a system restore software. Deep Freeze Enterprise system restore is the best software available to keep a computer lab safe. It keeps computers running in a “frozen” state, protecting them from malware infection, keeping software running smoothly virus free, and ensuring that each user is protected from any malicious activities from a previous user.

Deep freeze for School Computer Lab

School Computer Lab

¬†This software is a huge benefit to students, teachers, and IT administrators. Personal¬† information is not retained after a student logs off, meaning that IT personnel don’t have to worry about computers becoming congested with student’s files. Deep Freeze gives schools the ability to prevent stability degradation and ensuring that computer labs are able to provide the same experience continually, regardless of who is using the desktop.

echnology use for School : Deep Freeze Enterprise

Advanced Technology use for School

Computers can also be scheduled for regular lab maintenance with Deep Freeze. IT support can set up a specific time, usually during off-hours for the computers to go through an automated update cycle. This can be a nightly task for just a few minutes and also a weekly maintenance period for longer updates. Not only does this ensure that computers stay up-to-date, it frees up valuable IT time. Deep Freeze technology use in schools ensures maximum efficiency and the least amount of trouble for you and every student.

Deep Freeze’s major benefit for lab computers is making them indestructible. This software offers the strongest possible protection available and also eliminates a need for IT professionals to continuously reconfigure, re-image, or troubleshoot lab computers. It can reduce support incidents significantly and organizations that install Deep Freeze report a 63% decrease in support tickets when compared to systems that don’t have this software installed. Saving both time and money, computer labs that are used frequently and by a variety of users should invest in this software.