Go Greeen! My New Year Resolution is to Reduce the Energy Consumption

In today’s business environment, administrators are always looking for ways to reduce office expenditures. Although some may look to make drastic changes to cut costs, a beneficial place to start is with the organization’s energy consumption. By encouraging employees to take small steps every day, businesses can slash their power bills and see significant savings.

Go Green

Go Green

Climate control systems
One way to considerably decrease office energy consumption is to adjust the building’s heating and cooling systems. Administrators should utilize the arrangement’s temperature settings, and adjust the preset ranges depending on the season. Lowering the heat just one degree during cooler seasons can reduce an organization’s heating bill by 8 percent. Allowing the natural heat from the sun to warm the space can reduce heating expenses significantly while keeping employees comfortable. Additionally, raising the air conditioning temperature can decrease the amount of energy utilized by the system by up to 10 percent. Experts also recommend that thermostats be placed out of direct sunlight and away from drafty areas to improve temperature reading accuracy. This can help prevent the system from running unnecessarily.

IT equipment
An easy step to decreasing energy consumption is to ensure that all computer systems are turned off when not in use. Research shows that one monitor left on for 24 hours can cost the office $200 a year in electricity. Furthermore, PCs in the U.S. alone waste $2.8 billion annually on electricity due to improper power settings. Turning this equipment off overnight and during extended breaks can significantly reduce the office’s energy bills. Additionally, sleep settings should be used in lieu of screen savers during time away from the desk.

PC Power Management Software

PC Power Management Software

For even more energy savings, administrators and employees should monitor and manage their organization’s PC power usage. Even in small businesses, multiple computer stations can be a main source of energy consumption. Utilizing a PC power management system can provide the means to considerably lessen the electricity these devices use. With this type of technology in place, a business can annually save approximately $92.50 per PC. As these systems are easily deployed alongside existing technologies, this solution is a simple step that can lead to significant savings.

In addition, plugging office equipment into power strips can help devices power on faster, reducing the time it takes to start up and deploy applications. Smart power strips also have the capability to sense when an item is not being utilized and put the electricity supply on standby.

So I have decided to control my PC power usage also I’m going to implementing it in our school computer labs too. If you think that our next generation should enjoy the natural greenery then start for GO GREEN!


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